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MemberShip Changes Feb 04, 2012

Hello Dear Members, Effective Feb 2, 2012 All membership down lines will only receive 5% earnings. Why? Because it is very unrealistic to expect up to 99% ref earnings unless we stay either and ad only or a revenue share. I want to turn this site into a paying thriving site and to do that we together will have to leave unrealistic expectations behind. All memberships have increased also in price to help cover some of the deficit between earnings and xpenditures.

On the bright side 2 members will receive random cash outs for being my first paying members. Thanks Admin

NewMoonPTC News Jan 31, 2012

Hello Dear Members,

Lets get the confusion out of the way.

1. Jenny no longer owns this site. She killed the site because she could no longer fund it. She also had various real life problems that required money she did not have.

2. What happens when a site dies?

Come now, surely you know -- When a site dies you lose the admin loses and everybody is LOST!!!!!!

3. There are outstanding funds that Jenny owed to the tune of :

Min Balance $ 31,702.77 Max Balance $ 32,512.11

This is from everyone in the site.

4. Some of you think that by holding on to that lay money in your account your going to get paid. Don't you understand ALL that you have is already gone it was GONE when Jenny closed the site. The site was completly off line. Your Ads are GONE your MEMBERSHIPS are GONE and all your MONEY is GONE.

In real life all your doing is holding everyone up.

5. I'm trying to rescue the site. To Do This I need to use TOUGH LOVE and your HELP.

You can keep your credits you can keep your memberships you can even keep you money. As long as I can find a justafible payment for the things in your account.

But as long as you do the site will stay an AD ONLY.

6. Some of you are abusing me cussing me and calling me a liar. Let me tell you all that does it get you suspended. I will not tolerate such abuse of my hospitality.

7. The site is alive again. All those credits, memberships, and money must be used and/or converted.

For that you will get traffic. Traffic will help you earn money elsewhere.

Customer Relations Jan 26, 2012

Hello dear members,

I have received a few irritated members requesting cash out. An getting all mad and cussing me out.

Let me explain what happens when you do that.

You will be suspended the first time the second time you will be deleted.

The facts are: Jenny previously owned this site. The site has been mismanaged. The site died. All your money all your memberships and all your ads died with the site.

I rescued the site. I'm willing to let you convert the cash in your account to advertising. If you have paid for a membership with paypal or alertpay. I will honor the membership to the extent that you still have the membership and you will still receive all add credits that it it was supposed to give you. It does not mean you will be paid cash while the site is in the Ad Only recovery phase.

Thank You Cindy Admin

Attention Site is going to be Moved Jan 26, 2012

Attention: Site may be down for up to 3 days as the site will be moved to my server. Please do not click anything and make a screenshot of your account just to be safe.

Information regarding Ad ONLY Status Jan 21, 2012

Hello dear members,

Umm what can I say the site debt is horrendous $ 32,809.74. That would have been enough to kill the site without any other problems.

The only way I can get that down to a more managable amout is by temporaily turning this site into an Ad ONLY. What that means for you is there will be no actuall cash outs. Any attempts will be considered a site donation. To use the funds you have accumulated you will need to use the convert function.

See following below:

What is an Ad Only site?


How can I convert the funds in my account.


The next question your gonna ask is how long is this site going to be and ad only site?

Well that rather depends on you all.

The convert feature will not allow you to buy packages or referrals.

You can still buy that with either paypal or alert pay funds.

I will be sending warnings and deleting ads that have not been paid for. 10 of them and your suspended from the site.

I have found a few memberships that have no fundings sources attributed.

They will most likely be eliminated.

Site Debt must be resonable according to income.

At the moment the site has no income.

Your new admin Cindy

New Ownership Jan 18, 2012

Hello fellow members,

I'm sad to say Jenny is no longer owner of this site. She ran out of funds to run the site and her life evidently.

There will be some changes coming. I have received no funding for any of these ads or memberships. For the time being any ads that can be attributed to the user will be kept. Any admin ads or ads that are not linked to payment of some sort will be deleted.

Any complaints just remember the site was dead, completely off line and I rescued it. A dead site you don't have anything at all.

I must act in a reasonable manner. Payouts will be based on incoming funds if there are no incoming funds there will be no payout till the funds come.

Also I don't speak or read any other language other than English. An from this moment on all new ads will be in English or deleted. Any non English sites currently on this will stay till their ad runs out as long as the ad can be attached to some form of payment.

For the moment I have also stopped account funds as being a source of ad funding till I can see what if any changes need to be made into that. If what I suspect is true and she had the site too deeply in debt I will need to turn the site into an AD ONLY till the debt management becomes more reasonable. My grammar and spelling is far from perfect so I hope you will bare with me as we all go through the growing pains of trying to fix the site.

Thanks for being a member of this site.

Your new admin Cindy




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